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About Varied / Hobbyist Yana Ryakhovskaya20/Female/Australia Groups :iconlet-us-grow: Let-us-grow
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ivanka-a's Profile Picture
Yana Ryakhovskaya
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied


-Im Russian (migrated to I rather write in English...)

- I'm a Jack of all Trades, Ace of None~
Stuff I do: Drawing (Digital and Traditional), Photography, Sewing, Aikido, Cooking, Writing, Talking~ (I speak English and Russian fluently, learning French and know some Japanesse from anime)

-Fav animes: Bleach, Chrno Crusade, Black Butler, Rurouni Kenshin and Death Note


-Den of Angels username: Child-Of-Thy-Light (<---creative, eh?)

-Talk to me!! I love talking ^u^~ Even ask me to look at your art or something XD


Hi~ How's everyone? I haven't written a proper journal in ageees! So stuff that's happened to me;

-Watched Sherlock and Downton Abbey and I absolutely LOVED THEM! (Ship all the ships!)

-Holidays in 3 days! ^u^~~

-Kamijo's trailer came out and it was AMAZING! QAQ

-Doing Camp Nanowrimo (Writing a novel in July)

-And I signed to do World Challenge, where at the end of 2014, I go to Tanzania for 3 weeks to trek, help people in the villages and do other things. (All of it is student led too~)

And the problem is that I need to raise $6900 (possibly more due to Visa, Passports, Vaccinations etc costs)

So I'm doing commissions~ Anyone want to commission me?? Yeah...tell your friends I guess ^^" (My parents can't give me a lot of I'll have to fundraise all of it)

And Tags~ 

1. if you had a theme song to your life, what would it be and why?

Too many to choose O.O...Probably History of the Other Side by Versailles because its calm and energetic at the same time~ (Its also a really good song ^U^)

2. Is there a book, TV show, game, Fandom or anything that you'd love to be in? (Harry Potter for me!)

Umm....too many things TT.TT

Probably....Bleach! I'll be actually useful as a shinigami XD

3. First movie you ever saw at the cinema?

First Narnia movie, When I was in Russia, mum didn't believe in cinema, I went to the theater. :iconlikeasirplz:

4. One quirk not many people know about you?

Probably that I judge people harshly on their clothes and I have strong OCD with it (only like 3 people know)

5. Do you sunburn easily? (I know I do! I'm basically Albino!)

I only had sunburn twice...or no ^u^~ (Though soon enough, years of no ozone layer and sunscreen will crash upon me in skin cancer TT.TT)

6. 'Eyes are the doors to the soul...' what colour are yours?

Brown :stare: 

7. If you had to classify yourself as a magical being for any reason, what would it be and why? (For example; I'd be a Hobbit because I'm small, but I DON'T have big feet!)

Umm...a vampire aristocrat! Because I like roses, fancy things and no sunlight in my room ^u^ 

8. If you had the chance to become a member of the X-men, what mutant power would you have? Use your imagination~

I'd like to be able materialise things from my imagination ^u^ Weapons, money and companions~ ehehe

9. Greatest good you've ever done in life?

Don't know -.-" I do little things when they pass by...and I forget them all because they're small and insignificant. I'd like to do bigger things though.

10. Ultimate favourite fictional character of ALL time?

Sherlock Holmes beats everybody! 


1. How long have you been on DA?
2 Years ^U^

2. If chairs had feelings, do you think they would hate you?
Yes! I spin on spinny chairs too much and tend to rock on school chairs... Also my computer chair is losing the leather thing on it...

3. What is the meaning of life?
I knew the answer but I forgot O.O"

4. Do you think Neon green would get sick if it looked at itself in a mirror?
It'd get blinded because its too bright! QAQ

5. If it was raining would you go out there and sing some very emotional songs loudly for everyone to hear and start dancing?
No :stare: but I'd stay inside and sing one man version of Les Miserables

6. Is a thumb considered a finger?
Yes ^u^ because its too confusing to say that people have 8 fingers...

7. What would happen if the Pokemon stopped taking orders form humans and took over the world?
it wouldn't be nice?

8. Do you like adventure time? (If not I will murder you in your sleep,LOOK AT THIS ) Looks like I'll be killed, but I don't really like it >.> (it seems too random for me...)

9. How much dew could a dew drop drop if a dew drop could drop dew?

10. Do you think I just wasted your time by asking all these nonsense questions?
probably...but I procrastinate so...


1. WHAT is you favourite style of music at the moment? Any great songs you're hooked on?

Visual Kei~~ And lots! Fiancailles by Lareine, Second Fear ~Another Descendant~ and To the Chaos Inside by Versailles and Lost November by Diaura.

2. What is your dream? Do you have one? ... why :D (Big Grin)

To be inspiring to other people because I get strength from inspirational people and I'd like to be the same, to help others like that.

3. Do you have any weird or wonderful things about yourself? like, being able to stack jenga really high, or eating hot dogs faster than anyone else

Not really ^^" but apparently I have really flexible arms and white feet.

4. How are you feeling today?!

Tired =.=

5. Any idols?

:iconyuumei:, Leonardo da Vinci and Robert  Downey Jnr to name a few.

6. Sweet or sour? 


7. Do you support gay/les/bi marriage?

Yep! Yep!

8. Would you rather love someone who hates you or hate someone who loves you?

so hard -.-" probably the latter because I'm an unlovable potatoe~

9. Know any really funny youtube/tumblr/other posts?? 

Look at my tumblr? ( but its really political now...

10. What time is it when an elephant sits on your bed?

Time to wake up and go to school TT.TT

OK~ my Questions:

  1. If you could fabricate a fictional character, who would it be and why?
  2. Weirdest dream you've had?
  3. If you try to fail and succeed, what have you done?
  4. What animal impersonates you? (uh...your spirit animal?)
  5. When you die, how will people remember you?
  6. Weird/interesting quirks for when you are alone? (I act really paranoid and grab my bokken)
  7. You had to buy one character a birthday present. Who is it for and what is it?
  8. Most awkward thing that happened?
  9. What do you do for inspiration?
  10. What movie would describe your life?
People I'm tagging (don't have to do this)

:iconskyzera: :iconpuddlelane4: :iconfly-with-the-birds: :iconathenagodofwisdom: :iconspeckles2102:


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Ivanka is such an awesome name! :D
I'm Ukrainian  so russian is my native, but I also prefer and use English more often and I really can relate :)
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Thank you so very much for the favs on my work. Your support means so much to me, I can't express with words, and I hope you can consider watching :) (Smile)
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Sorry for the late reply,

No problem~ And watching you now~
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